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In addition to developing high-fidelity flight models to enhance other developer's aircraft, X-Aerodynamics has some stand-alone aircraft available.
As you might expect, for these models the flight model is the absolute top priority!
There are no 3D cockpits or high-poly overlays here, just the best flight models I can develop, dressed up with nice textures and a 2D cockpit. They run great on any computer that can run X-plane.

X-Aerodynamics Standalone Aircraft

  1. Scaled Composites White Knight 2
    Scaled Composites Model 328 'White Knight 2'
  1. Scaled Composites SpaceshipTwo
    Scaled Composites Model 316 'SpaceshipTwo'
  1. Partenavia P68B
    Partenavia P68B
  1. Focke-Wulf TA-183
    Focke-Wulf TA-183