Design Modifications

The Cozy design has been around for many years now, with hundreds of examples flying and readily meeting expectations.
A number of minor modifications have been 'approved' or recommended either by the designer or experienced builders.
There have also been some major and 'unapproved' modifications flown, many with apparently good success.

Of course there have been some modifications that have been poorly implemented or less than fully developed, as well. There always remains the potential for a modification to change the safe standard design and turn it into something far more risky and even dangerous.

In any case, any modification is done at the risk of the builder / pilot, and should be thoroughly tested before any passenger is permitted to fly in the aircraft. No change or modification should be implemented by any other builder without their fully understanding it's implications, and realizing that it may be un-tested and hazardous. If in doubt, STICK TO THE PLANS.