Cessna 172 Enhanced Flight Models

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Where can I buy it?

A: You can buy it at the X-plane.org store.

Q: What C-172 models are included?

A: Three versions are included: C-172S, C-172R, and C-172M.

Performance is precise and accurate for each model, and they

all share the same graphics, system, and sound models.

Q: Why use the experimental flight model? Isn’t that ‘unstable’ or unreliable?

A: The experimental flight model is already considered stable and reliable by the X-plane developer. The improvements it brings enables much better realism and accuracy. The current experimental flight model will become the standard model in a future version of X-plane (Some version after 11.50).


Q: Can I use the ‘normal’ flight model instead?

A: Yes, you can. There will be a small loss is realism however, such as airspeeds in error by a few knots, stall speeds too low, and over-responsive handling.


Q: Do I need to install any additional software or Windows components for the plugins to work?

A: No, as no additional plugin is used! The X-plane flight dynamics are leveraged to their full capability, so no plug-in over-rides or faking is required!


Q: How difficult is the installation? Do I need to rename or modify files?

A: It is very simple, extract the contents of the downloaded file into the existing C-172 folder and you’re done!

Q: It does not work, I get an error about a 'damaged sound bank'!

A: You did not install it correctly. Please see the manual for clear detail on correct installation.


Q: Can I add this to a different C-172 model from a different developer?

A: No, this expansion pack is compatible only with the stock C-172 that comes with X-plane.


Q: I need an accurate C-172 to help with my flight training. Is this a good choice?

A: Yes, this C-172 model is the most accurate simulation I know of. And I have flown many hours in various REAL C-172s myself!


Q: I cannot see any difference between this model and the original! What went wrong?

A: This expansion adds two more variants of the C-172 and enhances the existing C-172 flight dynamics. However there are no changes to graphics, sounds, or systems as these are already very good in the stock model.


Q: Older Cessnas like the C-172M are actually a bit different in the cockpit, for example the flap position indicator. Are these differences modelled?

A: No, the cockpit graphics are the same as the stock C-172SP, but the flight dynamics match the C-172M precisely. The C-172M flaps are simulated as ‘infinitely adjustable’.

Q: How can I used the carb heat in the C-172M?

A: Use the following key commands, or you can assign joystick buttons. F9 = carb heat off. F10 = carb heat on. F11 = carb heat toggle.


Q: How do I find the Enhanced version in X-plane?

A: The aircraft icon in the X-plane menu will show ‘EFM’ in the lower-left corner. Simply choose which model (S, R, or M) and fly.


Q: Where is my serial number to activate this product?

A: No serial key or manual activation is necessary. Simply install and fly!


Q: Will this add-on work in X-plane 10?

A: No, this add-on works in X-plane 11 only, and X-plane must be updated to 11.40 or later.


Q: Is this add-on Vulkan (X-plane 11.50+) compatible?

A: Yes, but it makes no difference if you use Vulkan or OpenGL.


Q: Is this compatible with FSX or MSFS 2020?

A: Only the Linux native versions. ;-)

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