Boeing 787-8 by Heinz
Flight dynamics & v11 update by X-Aero
Velocity V-Twin by Aerobask
Flight dynamics by X-Aero
FREEWARE Robin DR401 by Aerobask
Flight dynamics by X-Aero
Cessna A-37 Dragonfly by JCS
Flight dynamics & v11 update by X-Aero
Diamond DA-62 by Aerobask
Flight dynamics by X-Aero

Acclaim for X-Aerodynamics flight models:


“My favorite thing about this plane [DA62] is actually how it behaves under stress... I find it accurately models flight mechanics while stalling or pulling on the stick too hard / suddenly, it feels more "real" in the air then any plane I've tried so far in x plane."

cmndr_spanky via X-plane.Org




“wow who made that [SR22] acf model?

whoever put the acf file together got every line absolutely perfect.. enough that it literally triggered dozens of memories from the real airplane just seeing it.”
Austin Meyer, creator of X-plane.




“First off, I have to say I'm really impressed top to bottom with this plane[DA62]. Handling, responsiveness, flying by the numbers... just wow...”

siege00 via X-plane.Org




“Nothing more to say but: AWESOME!!! ... especially the flight characteristics are really outstanding. I'm very impressed, this is certainly one of the best or even the best GA-plane [DA62] for X-Plane 11!”


ELPROMO via X-plane.Org





“The Diamond DA62 set the new standard... in amazing aircraft flight dynamics / performance.”

Possum6 via X-plane.Org




[DA62]“Also must say that it was a rare time when I set my engine parameters in cruise and accomplished the exact Fuel Flow and TAS as documented in the performance charts.”

xterminator24 via X-plane.Org




“[DR401] Flight model is great - easy to fly and seems to bypass the handling problems that XP 11.20 brought to other developers.”

Forester via X-plane.Org




“This is a lively, but delightful to fly simulation. Is the real Robin DR401 this great in the air? It's like you are one with the airplane.”


MacGib via X-plane.Org





“The [Eclipse 550] handling feels excellent, it feels like a VLJ, and it's incredibly easy to operate...”

Spartan0536 via X-plane.Org




“...the [Eclipse 550] performance is spot-on!”

Loc.virtual via X-plane.Org




“I have to say this thing [P-51D] is just a dream to takeoff, fly and land. Everything is right on your published numbers.”

ChefRob via X-plane.Org




“Indeed, attention to detail is simply remarkable, from the ground handling to the flight dynamics...” [P-51D]

Von Target via X-plane.Org



X-Aero Portfolio

North American P-51D by Skunkcrafts
Flight dynamics by X-Aero
Eclipse 550 by Aerobask
Flight dynamics by X-Aero
FREEWARE Lancair Legacy FG by Aerobask
Flight dynamics & v11 update by X-Aero
Zunum 2022 hybrid electric airliner
Concept visualizations by X-Aero

Much more coming soon!

Vought F4U Corsair by JCS
Flight dynamics & v11 update by X-Aero