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Your Design in X-plane


Do you have an aircraft you want to see accurately represented in X-plane? 


X-Aerodynamics can create a highly accurate, realistic flight model of the design of your choosing. We can also assist in the design & development of an X-plane concept based on your unique ideas.


What you can expect:

  • Accurate flying surfaces (wings, tail, etc.), including planform and airfoils, which are custom generated as needed.

  • Fuselage / nacelles / bodies modeled precisely.

  • Accurate engine modeling, including fuel consumption, critical altitudes, speeds, props etc. to the full extent that X-plane is capable. 

  • Controls: Accurate position, area, and deflections to real-world values.

  • Performance fine tuning: Accurate performance, using best available numbers, performance graphs, and test-pilot reports, wherever available (target <3% deviation).



  • 2D panel with no customized graphics

  • 2D panel with customized panel background

  • Basic textures on Planemaker model

  • 3D detail visual enhancements

  • Full textures with livery / scheme of your choice


  • Concept design assistance & development

  • General arrangement (3-view) drawings

  • More possible, please ask!


Source information:

The accuracy of the flight model is of course dependent on accurate data to work from. I will endeavour to source the best data I can find, however, any data you can provide will help produce the best possible result. The following examples are particularly helpful, if they can be provided:


  • Pilot’s operating handbook (POH) / Flight Manual

  • Maintenance manual

  • Flight test reports

  • Performance charts / graphs

  • TCDS


For your own design, you will need to provide all data and consistent drawings for the model to be built from. X-Aero can assist in developing these for new designs if needed.


The resulting product will be a detailed X-plane performance model that is as close to real as is possible with the current version of X-plane.



The development time for an aircraft flight model is dependent on your requirements and chosen options.

We can discuss your timeline and work to your requirements. Typically, a basic model can be delivered in under 30 days.



Determined on a per-project basis, as no two projects are exactly the same. Some considerations are:


  • Project complexity

  • Desired timeframe

  • Options chosen

  • Commercial or non-commercial use


Please contact X-Aero to discuss a project and any questions you may have about creating your aircraft.

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