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HD Flight Dynamics for your X-plane aircraft


Why should your X-plane masterpiece rest on anything less than the best flight model possible?


X-Aerodynamics can create highly accurate, realistic flight models for simulated aircraft projects. This performance model (the planemaker model) is invisible under the 'skin' of the 3D objects and graphical details of a high-end payware aircraft but is responsible for all of the performance and handling in the simulator. 


What you can expect:

  • Accurate aircraft model, which provides the basis for accurate performance and handling. ​​

  • Accurate engine modeling, including fuel consumption, critical altitudes, and speeds, etc. to the full extent that X-plane is capable. Props tuned to provide accurate thrust.

  • Performance fine tuning: Accurate performance, using published numbers, performance graphs, and test-pilot reports, wherever available (target <3% deviation).




Source information:

The accuracy of the flight model is, of course, dependent on accurate data to work from. I will endeavour to source the best data I can find, however, any data you can provide will help produce the best possible result. The following are particularly helpful, if they can be provided:


  • Pilot’s operating handbook (POH) / Flight Manual

  • Maintenance manual

  • Flight test reports

  • Performance charts / graphs


The resulting product will be detailed flight models that are as close to real as is possible with the current version of X-plane.



The development time for an aircraft flight model is typically shorter than for your 3D graphics, textures, etc. We can discuss your timeline and work to your requirements. Typically, a completed flight model can be delivered in under 30 days.



Determined on a per-project basis, as no two projects are exactly the same. Some considerations are:


  • Project complexity

  • Mandatory performance requirements

  • Sales expectations (for payware)

  • Time frames

Please contact me to discuss a project and any questions you may have about what X-Aerodynamics can do to enhance your project.



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