X-Aerodynamics specializes in realistic flight dynamics for simulating aircraft in the X-plane flight simulator.

Applications include:

Flight dynamics for payware;

Flight training and simulators;

Video and images of your aircraft;

Testing of aircraft designs and modifications;

Aircraft conceptual design and optimization.

18+ years of X-plane experience, years of real-world flight experience and a history of success offer confidence in results for your project.

X-Aerodynamics Wins Design Competition

The GR-2 is an electric race design suitable for the upcoming Air-Race E series. The design won first place as judged by aircraft designers and academics and by setting the fastest course time.


The most accurate and realistic flight dynamics possible to use with your simulated aircraft project.

Concept Visualization

Seeing is believing. Images or video of your aircraft in accurate and believable flight.

Your aircraft design recreated for testing, training, or any other requirements.

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Aircraft and any liveries, logos and designs presented by X-Aerodynamics do not represent or imply approval by real-world manufacturers, operators or pilots unless otherwise stated. 

While every effort is made to ensure accuracy of appearance and in-simulator behavior of the aircraft types developed, there is no guarantee that these will exactly match their real-world counterparts. The use of flight simulators for design, training, skills currency, and recreation is encouraged, however, users should be aware that no simulator model can perfectly emulate reality. There may be minor or major differences between simulator models and real-world performance due to limitations of the simulator or the aircraft model portrayed.