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X-Aerodynamics specializes in realistic flight dynamics for simulating aircraft in the X-plane flight simulator.

Applications include:

  • Flight dynamics for payware;

  • Flight training and simulators;

  • Testing of aircraft designs and modifications;

  • Aircraft conceptual design and visualization.

20+ years of X-plane experience, years of real-world flight experience and a history of success offer confidence in high-fidelity results!


X-Aerodynamics Wins Design Competition

The GR-2 is an electric race design suitable for the upcoming Air-Race E series. The design won first place as judged by aircraft designers and academics and by setting the fastest course time.


A deeper, more accurate and realistic flight dynamics model within the X-plane simulator environment than available anywhere else. That is what X-Aero exists to create!


Product Portfolio

See available products developed by X-Aerodynamics, as well as 3rd-party aircraft that have been enhanced by X-Aero flight dynamics.

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